DYA Plans


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Personal Training

1-to-1 or 1-to-many

Are you looking to…

  • Lose weight?
  • Tone up & change shape?
  • Improve your fitness?
  • Achieve your training goals?

Discounts available for a block booking of 3 sessions or more.
Bring a friend/colleague along for a further discount.

Each session – 1 hour
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Advice and planning

Doing hours of exercise but still not winning the fight against weight gain?

Have you improved your diet but not getting the body shape you want?

Do you simply need to know the best way to change your diet and get the results you want?

Let me help you eat better.

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Targeted and high value

Do you have a hectic schedule with only time to exercise in small bursts yet with a high value in exercise benefit?

  • Regular
  • Convenient
  • Frequent
  • High benefit
  • Social & fun

Classes are fun and available every day of the week.

Find a class that fits your schedule.
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Training Review

Get a fresh perspective

Doing the same thing for months & years ? Now finding it’s all becoming boring and predictable?

  • Targeted to your needs
  • Build upon what you’re doing already
  • Put the life back into your time in the gym
  • Working towards a target or an upcoming event?
  • Improve the benefit and value of the time you already spend in training

Let me review your personal training regime and tweak it with some improvements to boost your returns.
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